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customer care

The goal of ECI-Distribution is not to be a cheaper alternative, but a better choice – to do so, we invest in technology and foremost in great customer care and the people who are working hands-on in our workshop and at our customer’s sites.

Through our close bonds with our worldwide partner PowerUP, we have access to a unique team of ingenious service-technicians, with dozens of years of experience all around the globe and one single objective – to satisfy YOU.


Our highly qualified and thoroughly trained service technicians are experts, equipped with state-of-the-art tools to carry out maintenance and repair jobs efficiently and to the highest quality standards, no matter the country or effort. We offer onsite maintenance, inhouse overhauls, troubleshooting and training-solutions for our customers.

Our customers are our focus – their engines are our companions.

Competence center

  • customer support
  • special measurement service (e.g. efficiency-measurement)


  • Operator-Training
  • Engine control system Training
  • Maintenance Training

Minor & Major Overhauls

  • condition-based
  • on-site
  • in workshop

Optimized maintenance

  • Optimization of existing schedules
  • Special schedules with ECI-D products

Maintenance and Servicing

Maintenance is a crucial part which helps extend the life and keep high energy output of your gas engine. As part of our efforts to be the partner of choice for our customers, we offer bespoke maintenance solutions that help increase the reliability of gas engines.

We offer onsite maintenance solutions for our customers all in collaboration with our worldwide partner PowerUP

Engine overhaul onsite and in our workshop

When a technical challenge hits your gas engine it is important to have a quick response from a competent and highly-skilled team to help you minimize engine downtime. Our team of service technicians are on standby around the clock to help you and guarantee you high standard repairs with replacement parts you need. We carry out repairs on-site for customers operating stationary plants such as cogeneration plants. Many of our customers rely on the fact that they will not have to suffer expensive downtime. As a result, we also carry out repairs even under difficult conditions.

If a repair job is too complex to be done on-site, we have a fully equipped state of the art workshop at our headquarters in Austria. Here we carry out overhauls using diagnostics software, required high-tech tools, all done by highly skilled in-house service technicians.

Plant optimization

  • Analysis & tailor-made solutions
  • Gas type conversion
  • Heat & hydraulic system optimization

Long-term Supply Agreements (LTSA)

We offer Long-Term Supply Agreements (LTSA) that provide the most flexibility through a strategic combination of parts, repair and field service at discounted, fixed cost for the contract period. With our (LTSA) you will have preferential access to ECI-Distribution parts inventory, field service resources and engineering expertise

  • Define „List of Parts “(LOP)
  • Based on LOP the yearly parts requirement/order volume (sales target) is assumed
  • Depending on order volume special LTSA discounts are grant
  • End of each year the payments received are reviewed, LTSA discount (credit note) issued
  • This LTSA discount will be set off against future LTSA orders
ECI-Distribution Long-Term Supply Agreement (LTSA) Standard Service Contract based on operating hours
Invoicing is done at order placement
NO pre-financing cost
Invoicing is done per operating hour which is in fact a kind of pre-financing. Customer pays from first operating hour already partly the big and cost intense bigger maintenance works (e.g. minor overhaul)
Flexible scope of supply. Parts can be added or taken out of the LTSA at any time with minor/no impact Fixed scope of supply. No change of scope is possible as any part which is taken out has already been partly pre-paid (invoicing per OPH). This pre-payment is lost!
LTSA can be easily adapted to new technologies enabling e.g. longer part life times Very difficult for the same reason as above mentioned (invoicing per operating hour)
No Exclusivity Strict exclusivity, even on parts where better prices / technologies are available in the market
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