Gas Engine Spare Parts - Driven by Efficiency

ECI-Distribution offers gas engine components exclusively developed and designed for the company with the aim of improving the life time of spare parts as well as the overall engine performance.

For the benefit of the customer we reduce maintenance costs and improves the efficiency and reliability of all kinds of gas engines.

By optimizing existing technologies and developing new concepts, we maximize generation output with least emissions.

We offer consulting in gas engine solutions using alternative and efficient concepts of state of the art technology.

We engineer and elaborate solutions to different markets and application requirements that will meet specific customer expectations.

Our engineers continuously strive to extend the life time of spare parts to lower the cost of overall maintenance.

In cooperation with our partners, we are capable of refurbishing and upgrading engine components, regardless of the brand.

Our skilled sales and product support team recognizes all aspects of the gas engine business. Whatever the application, we have the experience to provide solutions for your commercial and technical challenges.

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ECI-Distribution GmbH

Innsbrucker Straße 75
6130 Schwaz, Tirol / Austria
 +43 5242 64 666-0