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About us

Engine Competence International-Distribution is an energy engineering company that specialises in high-tech products and solutions for gas engines. With customers in over 40 countries in the world, we are constantly developing cutting edge technology and solutions for the energy industry.


Our excellence comes from a place of shared values that unify our company. They are the core of what drives us to succeed and translate into the way we work. We work in a collaborative way with a shared vision of technical excellence and stride towards a world-class reputation.


Corporate Management 

Our management team has experts with a vast amount of experience. They are all committed to the development of the company´s positioning as a leader of technology solutions for the gas engine industry. Our good corporate governance comes from a strong collaboration between our management and employees. The management takes all the vital decisions and carries overall responsibility for the strategic management of the company.


Eugen Laner
Chief Executive Officer

Eugen has more than 30 years’ experience in different roles in a well-known gas engine company. He has played a key role in defining the company’s strategic direction and growth since 2014.


Norbert Rupprechter
Director of Sales

Norbert has more than 20 years of gas engines experience with different service and sales responsibilities. He joined ECI-Distribution in 2014 as sales director and plays a key role in defining the company´s market strategy and product portfolio.

Company Portfolios

Research & Development

In our pursuit of excellence

We have created a dedicated portfolio for developing our innovative technology for the gas engine industry and energy revolution.

In this pursuit, customer needs, market trends and performance are key components of research. Our research and development team is located at our Tirol Headquarters, with state-of-the-art machinery and innovative engineers.


Production for ECI-Distribution

ECI-Distribution´s key product components – such as Cylinder Heads, connecting rods, pre-chambers, sparkplug sleeves are produced by ECI-Manufacturing.

Our impressive production network
Other components are produced using our vast network of manufacturers and exclusively for ECI-Distribution. This has a positive impact as we are able to ensure high levels of quality control, stay independent and minimise the risk of losing our intellectual property. The easy flow of communications between research development and production is one of the many benefits which are of great importance.

Expansion of our production network
As part of our global expansion goals, ECI-Distribution is systemically expanding its exclusive production network of suppliers in Austria and around the world.

Sales and Project Management

Great customer care
Our company covers key parts of the gas engine value chain, hence it is important in the industry. Our well-rounded sales staff always deliver great service at any time thanks to their comprehensive OEM gas engine command.

We offer consulting and planning options that are developed with our customer´s requirements in mind. Detailed analyses and service options are conducted with consideration of basic requirements and also keeping in mind that every customer is unique. Our highly experienced project management team is there to help our customers with all the necessary planning for a project of any size.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company in the private sector, we understand the role we need to play in society and our social responsibilities in creating a better world. Our activities with various organizations aim to raise awareness of the role the private sector needs to play. Additional to the role we play in society we believe that product safety is an accompanying important feature hence we make sure that our products meet the legal requirements and comply with regulations in the gas engine systems.

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